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Psion 7527 extended capacity battery door is for the Psion/Teklogix 7527 barcode scanner. This battery door enables your device to securely hold the extended capacity batteries wither perfect performance.

☆Meets stringent quality standards
☆Designed for providing reliable service
☆Utilzes high quality components

GLPC-7527-DOOR Psion 7527 Extended Capacity Battery Door

  • Product introduction

    GL Part no.


    OEM Part Numbers

    WA3010, 1050192-002

    Device Models

    WAP3, 7525, 7525-CS, 7525-G1/G2/G3, 7525C-G1, 7525S-G1, 7527S-G2/G3, 7527C-G2/G3, Workabout Pro, Neo, PX750


    3.51 x 2.68 x 0.98 in (89.2 x 68.1 25.0 mm)


    0.71 oz (20.0 g)


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