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Premium quality Motorola NTN7143 / NTN7144 battery spring belt clip is engineered to perfectly complement Motorola GP1200/MTS1200 radio as well as offer full compatibility and allows for easy carrying convenience for numerous on job applications.

☆Meets stringent quality standards
☆Designed for providing reliable service
☆Utilizes high quality components

GLM-7144-SBC Motorola NTN7143 / NTN7144 Battery Sprint Belt Clip

  • Product introduction

    GL Part no.


    OEM Part Numbers

    NTN7143, NTN7143A, NTN7143AR, NTN7143B, NTN7143C, NTN7143_R

    Device Models

    FuG11b, GP1200, GP2010, GP2013, GP900, HT1000, HT1100, HT6000, JT100, JT1000, MOBIUS, Mobius HT1000, MT2000, MT2100, MT9000, MTS1200, MTS2000, MTX2000, MTX8000, MTX838, MTX868, MTX9000, MTX-LS, MTZ2000, PTX1200


    3.39 x 1.04 in (86.1 x 26.4 mm)


    0.71 oz (20.0 g)


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