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Premium quality Adaptor Cup for Intermec battery and equivalents. It is designed for perfect performance and high durability.

  • Uses high impact Polycarbonate plastic housings for ruggedness.
  • With resistance welded gold plated contacts for maximum performance.
  • This product was developed and is continually tested in conjunction with original device and charging equipment.
  • It is guaranteed for complete compatibility with these.
  • Specifications of all components used meets or exceeds that of original equipment.

Adaptor cups for Intermec Battery

  • Product introduction

    Compatible OEM Part Number and Device Model

    Intermec GLCUP-CN2 203-778-001, 074201-003 and equivalents CN2 COLOR MOBILE COMPUTER
    Intermec GLCUP-CN3 AB9, 318-016-002 and equivalents CN3
    Intermec GLCUP-CK30 AB1G, 318-020-001 and equivalents CK30
    Intermec GLCUP-CK60 318-015-001 and equivalents CK60, CK61, PB40, PB41, PB42
    Intermec GLCUP-PB2 318-040-001 and equivalents  PB2, PB3 Portable Printer
    Intermec GLCUP-740 318-013-001, 318-013-002, 318-013-003, 318-013-004 and equivalents 700 COLOR SERIES, 740, 740B, 741, 750, 751, 760, 761    


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