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Lithium-ion battery

The lithium-ion battery, abbreviated as Li-ion battery, is a widely used rechargeable technology known for its high energy density, lightweight design, and extended lifespan. It powers portable electronics like smartphones and laptops through the movement of lithium ions during charge and discharge cycles. Despite challenges such as production costs and limited cycles, ongoing research aims to improve performance and safety.
GL Batteries excels in lithium-ion battery module development, focusing on quality products, tailored solutions, and enhanced safety mechanisms. Their commitment to innovation ensures higher energy density and prolonged lifespan, backed by dedicated customer support for a positive collaborative experience.

Lithium-ion battery and applications

TWO Way Radio

​Vacuum Cleaner

Protable Printer

Protable Scanner

Drone Battery

PDA Battery

Robot Cleaner

Power Tool

E-bike Battery

AED Battery 

AR/VR Device

Camera Battery

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