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Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) Batteries

Lithium polymer batteries are an advanced technology utilizing solid polymer electrolytes for enhanced safety and stability compared to liquid lithium batteries. They excel in high-temperature situations, avoiding risks like leaks and overheating. With flexible polymer electrolytes, these batteries suit curved displays and wearables, widely used in devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as medical equipment and energy storage.
However, improving charging speed and lifespan remains a challenge. Ongoing technological advancements aim to enhance these aspects, providing more reliable and eco-friendly energy solutions. Lithium polymer batteries play a vital role in advancing green energy and promoting sustainability.
GL Batteries specializes in lithium polymer battery module development, focusing on quality products and tailored solutions. Their designs prioritize performance, safety, and reliability, utilizing premium materials, advanced processes, and multiple safety measures. Innovating for higher energy density and safety, they offer excellent post-sales service and technical support, valuing customer feedback for a satisfying partnership.


Lithium Polymer Battery and applications

AGV Battry

E Scooter Battery

LFP Battery set

Home Backup Station

​E stacker battery

12V Car Battery

Lithium Polymer Battery and applications

Laptop Batteries

Radio Batteries

RC Car Batteries

Tablet Batteries

Smart Pen Batteries

Smart Phone Batteries

Car Camera Batteries

Smart Watch Batteries

AR Glass Batteries

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