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​Explosion-proof Battery

The explosion-proof effect of the battery is very important. Avoiding explosions can ensure personal safety, prevent pollution, reduce economic losses, and maintain corporate image. Explosion-proof technology is the key to ensure battery safety. The Institute of Industrial Technology has developed "STOBA material technology", which can effectively prevent the explosion of lithium batteries.
STOBA is a "nanoscale" compound with a highly branched structure. Its molecular weight ranges from thousands to tens of thousands, and it has a highly branched and highly regular dendritic structure. This special structure enables STOBA to form a three-dimensional mesh protective film when heated, effectively blocking the flow of ions inside the battery and avoiding battery explosion.
The manufacturing method of STOBA is simpler and cheaper than traditional manufacturing methods. STOBA technology has been affirmed and has been authorized to many domestic lithium battery factories. It is expected to create an annual output value of tens of billions and drive the development of Taiwan's lithium battery industry, which in turn will drive the surrounding benefits of 3C, electric vehicles, and automobile industries.
GL Batteries has been committed to the research and development of explosion-proof batteries, and is committed to producing the safest products for customers. GL Batteries continues to explore innovative technologies to ensure that no accidents occur during battery use and protect the safety of customers. GL Batteries' R&D team continues to improve explosion-proof technology and strictly abides by international safety standards and regulations. Through "STOBA material technology", high-branched oligomers are used to form a three-dimensional network protective film, which can effectively block the reaction when the battery is overheated and prevent the battery from exploding.
GL Batteries' continuous efforts in the field of explosion-proof batteries provide customers with safer and more reliable product choices. The company will continue to invest in research and development to ensure that products continue to meet the highest safety standards in order to meet customer safety needs and play a leading role in the battery industry.

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