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LFP/LiFePO 4 Battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LFP battery) is a specialized type of lithium-ion technology known for its safety, long life, and stability due to the absence of toxic metals like cobalt and nickel. Its consistent structure allows for enduring charge-discharge cycles with minimal degradation. LFP batteries find diverse applications, powering electric vehicles, e-bikes, and serving as energy storage solutions. In industries, they offer reliable power output. LFP batteries also empower homes with efficient renewable energy use, particularly solar power.
GL Batteries excels in LFP battery module development, prioritizing quality, safety, and customization. Their designs leverage premium materials, advanced processes, and multiple safety mechanisms. Innovation drives them to achieve higher energy density and extended lifespan. GL Batteries' commitment includes excellent post-sales service, ensuring a rewarding collaboration.


LFP/LiFePO 4 Battery and applications

AGV Battry

E Scooter Battery

LFP Battery set

Home Backup Station

​E stacker battery

E trailer Battery

Protable Power Station

12V Car Battery

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