Premium quality Motorola NTN4588 two-way radio replacement battery is compatible with the original equipment. It is designed for perfect performance and high durability.

  • Japanese cells (Pana./Sanyo)
  • Uses high impact Polycarbonate plastic housings for ruggedness
  • With resistance welded gold plated contacts for maximum performance
  • PCB are installed in the battery pack
  • With short-circuit protection
  • With over temperature protection
  • Provides excellent discharge characteristics
  • This product was developed and is continually tested in conjunction with original device and charging equipment.
  • It is guaranteed for complete compatibility with these.
  • Specifications of all components used meets or exceeds that of original equipment.


GLM-4588-Li20 Motorola NTN4588 / Li-Ion 7.4V 2000mAh

  • Product introduction

    GL Part no. GLM-4588-Li20
    Voltage 7.4V
    Nominal Capacity 2000 mAh



    Watt Hour Rating

    14.80 Wh

    OEM Part Numbers

    GL Original

    Device Models

    Astro Digital, Astro Saber, FuG10b, FuG13b, MX1000, MX2000, MX3000, MX3010, Saber, Saber-1, Saber-2, Saber-3, Saber-IIR


    1.99 x 2.91 x 1.17 in (50.6 x 74.0 x 29.7 mm)


    4.76 oz (135.0 g)