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GL Batteries is committed to providing general or customized battery charger solutions for various customers. These chargers can meet the charging needs of different types of batteries, including Li-ion batteries, NiMH batteries, NiCd batteries, etc.
Our chargers have various features and functions, such as high-efficiency charging, intelligent charge and discharge control, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature control, etc. Their versatility allows customers to be widely used in various electronic products.
In addition, GL Batteries also provides customized charger design and manufacturing services, and tailors charging solutions that meet the requirements of customers according to their specific needs and product characteristics. This customized service ensures that the charger can perfectly adapt to the customer's product, providing better charging efficiency and user experience.
GL Batteries is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency charger products and services, and bringing more reliable and convenient battery charging solutions to customers' products in different fields.


Lithium Polymer Battery and applications

AGV Battry

E Scooter Battery

LFP Battery set

Home Backup Station

​E stacker battery

12V Car Battery


Six seat Charger

Four seat Charger

9V Charger

Single Battery Charger

Four square charger

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